What is Process Excellence Europe?

Customers are evolving faster than your business and showing no signs of slowing down. Both your internal and external customers are constantly demanding increased levels of business excellence, which means that you need to develop higher-quality personalised products and deliver them now. With agile organisations leading the way and continuously looking to innovation and sustainability to grow their business, you need to adapt to this hyper-competitive landscape or risk losing your market share.

To enhance process efficiency and successfully manage change, professionals are negotiating the balance between strategic initiatives and operations. It is imperative to develop mature operating models, master the digital landscape and robotic process automation, while remembering that all important input, people. By mastering these you will be able to truly satisfy the modern customer. Europe was taken by storm by the leading experts from the world’s most powerful brands to share their success stories and lessons learned in achieving process excellence.


Who Attends Process Excellence Europe?

Practitioners from the world’s most traditional and innovative organisations – from legacy encumbered insurance firms to agile start-ups raiding the tech realm – Process Excellence Europe provides 70 of the leading experts to guide you and your customers (internal and external) through the most pertinent change impacting your business. Our 350 attendees will include:

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What makes Amazon.com so special?
By innovating on behalf of their customers, Amazon.com has become one of the most customer centric companies in the world, offering a wealth of services. All these businesses have added strong revenue growth over the last couple of years. Amazon is driving an unprecedented customer-centricity across the world through all parts of the business. Reasons for this include its monumental targets for growth and its ability to meet that through an innovative culture that features only the best of the best employees.

Focusing on Lean progression in supply chain operations at Nike in Europe
Over the last 7 years Nike have transformed their global lean practices to develop from ad hoc to supply chain-focused operations through an advanced matrix organisation. Now Nike have a very consumer-centric approach that aligns to a financial ethos of instant return on investment. This has been achieved by showing people how much more valuable their work is and communicating to leadership more consistently by linking process measurements back to their overarching business performance. Through a global proliferation and progression of lean across the supply chain Nike have better insight into sustainable performance.

Establish and drive your business process vision while improving the quality and maturity of your process framework – standardisation and lean management
When Philips Lighting became a stand-alone company in 2017, they changed their BPM tooling, reduced the number and complexity of existing diagrams by 70%, globally published 75% of the process framework, and register about 70,000 page visits on their quality system portal per month - all within a period of 18 months. Philips Lighting is in the process to drive further deployment and continuous improvement, while embedding a global document system, linking IT architecture to the process framework and adding process measures and dashboards within the same BPM tooling (QPR). With the Quality System as a single source of reference and the Process Framework as a basis for continuous improvement, real benefits are achieved.

How Uber are creating a more centralised global process excellence function and managing the cultural demands in EMEA
Uber’s core principles include customer obsession, meritocracy and process resource optimisation. Uber has propelled to unprecedented heights in platform excellence yet still appreciate the importance of both internal and external customers. By moving away from a decentralised operational model towards a more standard process consistency approach, Uber are developing the people behind the processes to continue their exponential growth.

“Accelerating Think Forward”: How ING link customer journeys to internal processes across the global end-to-end value chain
ING have started a path of convergence towards one digital banking platform. From 2017 to 2021 ING intend invest €800 million in their digital transformation, building a scalable platform to cater for continued commercial growth, an improved customer experience and a quicker delivery of new products. This would allow ING to continue their success in growing their client franchise and diversify their income. Through improved efficiency, the Accelerating Think Forward programme is expected to deliver approximately €900 million of annual cost savings by 2021.

Driving Continuous Improvement at adidas for sustainable growth
In a complex environment it is imperative that adidas provide collaboration and transparency to ensure sustainable quality in performance. This does not just sit with the front office and management however; senior executives are encouraged to proactively adopt the methodologies and lead an autonomous culture of continuous improvement that will provide long-term success. From a process stand point continuous improvement efficiency and productivity are value-adds to the business’ performance.

How the Siemens Digital Factory digitalises the whole value chain to support process flexibility and efficiency
The Siemens Digital Factory is a division comprising of 10 business units from manufacturing to intellectual property, all of which combine to provide customers with a complete portfolio of products, which enable the complete integration of data from development, production and suppliers. The tools offered increase efficiency and flexibility, allowing customers to produce products to increase development speed. When it comes to shaping the future of the industry, the Digital Factory is a driving and trendsetting force, which increases productivity and protects their competitive edge.

Scaling Tech in Fashion: An online fashion platform that scales rapidly while staying ahead of the game
With a market capitalisation of more than €9bn, Zalando is the 10th biggest company on Germany’s Mdax index. Of Zalando’s 11,000+ employees, over 10% currently sit in technology (a growth of almost 150% in two years). Their ethos of “autonomy, mastery and purpose” proposes self-motivation and flexibility in the office. Innovation at Zalando is bred by self-reliant teams, permitting Zalando to move beyond retail towards a onestop fashion platform connecting designers with customers.

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