22 - 24 October, 2018 | Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Process Excellence Europe 2018 Agenda

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2018 World-Class Content

Understand the Culture of the Business you're in with Uber & LEGO

What is the better way of structuring your organisation? Do you ensure that all processes, policies and communications come from one place in a centralised model – and risk missing a trick in a local market? Or do you let each region operate autonomously – and risk huge differences in...

Transformation: The Knowledge

Business transformation projects fail all the time. So, the team at PEX Network surveyed over 200 professionals from the process improvement and operational excellence community, to discover the common reasons new business processes succeed. In order to help you increase the odds of successful change, PEX Network has created the...

Does your organisation suffer from Leadership Waste?

Check out this exclusive resource fro our partner Baringa

The LEGO Philosophy - A Podcast with Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director

Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director joins us and lays out the Lego Philosophy: "I think we have a mission, which is to create the builders of tomorrow. We mean that absolutely. So it's something that's ingrained in us, which is that; A toy is one of the most important educational...

Lead the Change

What does it truly take to drive process excellence in a commercial organization? With commentary from Xavier Fenard, Head of Process Management at world leading steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Products, we summarise a decade’s worth of first-hand knowledge on the successful enhancement of organisational performance.Uncover this exclusive guide to...

10 Success Factors That Drive Process Excellence

Process Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. The output of any system will tend to be informed by the quality of the foundations laid and the instructions followed. There is no recipe for success, but there is a formula for giving you the best chance.

Automation and Digitisation: Laying the successful foundation for process excellence

Discover how to:Embrace process excellence by setting yourself up with automation and digitalisationConceptualising and delivering the digital transformation and robotic automation agenda for Barclaycard back office operations – portfolio of c. £13m of strategic investment secured in 2017Successfully deliver an in-year cost benefit of £5.1million against a target of £4.5...

Speak the Language of Next Generation Leaders

How can leaders establish a culture of continuous improvement to drive change, innovation and sustainability in their organisations?>> Discover the key to being a world-class leader

Identify best practice, align best practice and build on best practices - A Podcast with Uber

Global Head of Process Excellence at Uber, Martin Rowlson joins us from PEX Europe where he shares that the region comprises 20% of the volume for the organization but 70% of the complexity. Based on the pace of change within the industry and the rate of growth at his organization,...

Ensuring Process Excellence During Traditional Cycles - A Podcast with Nigel Leppitt, Allianz

Nigel Leppitt, Global Head of Organisation and Business Transformation at Allianz joins us and shares that it's tough to ensure process excellence during traditional cycles. But Nigel has been tasked with doing so in a completely new business model and returning the business to profit. With cost considerations being hyper-sensitive,...

The People, The Culture and The Structure - A Podcast with COO at Transavia

Recorded at PEX Europe, Transavia COO, Petra De Ruiter talks about how the company has been in business for 50 years due to their focus on Customer Experience and Operational Excellence. While Petra and her team have utilized traditional Process Excellence methodologies, they were interested in structural improvements which would...

How a Business Actually Works - A Podcast with COO at Naked Wines

Laura (Evans) Rosenberger, COO at Naked Wines UK on the organization's take on process excellence. In less than 3 years Laura has gone from Head of Continuous Improvement to COO and in this podcast Laura discusses her roles. From financial planning and analysis, being involved in budgeting, forecasting, measuring the...

Modernizing your Customer Service Operations - A Podcast with Transport for London

Simon Williams, Senior Software Developer at Transport for London on modernizing TfL's Customer Service Operations in Stations, and how Technology applies to their Train Service, Maintenance and Employment Practices. Simon is also looking at centralizing some of TfL's facilities.

Baringa - Challenging Cultural Conventions

How can robotics be catalysts, not a threat to culture?

Who is attending Process Excellence Europe 2018?

Have a look at who is attending the 2018 edition of Europe’s leading PEX forum focusing on the alignment of strategy with operational excellence 

Process Excellence Europe 2018 Show Report

Process Excellence Europe saw a tremendous success on its second year delivering a hub for process leaders to network and learn. The vibrant exchange of best practices, experiences and technologies across various  organizations underscores the event’s significance as the premier platform for European process leaders to have insightful exchange of...

2017 Best Featured Download

The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure And How to Avoid It

Download your exclusive copy The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure And How to Avoid It to learn what will cause your organization’s business transformation to become a statistic, and what you can do about it before you even press ‘go’.

The New World of Operational Excellence

The New World of Operational Excellence : Understanding the key OPEX challenges in Europe to optimise overall business performance.

How Lean Six Sigma Is Helping Generali’s Achieve A €1.5bn OPEX Target

Lean Six Sigma has made a significant contribution in the making of achieving Generali’s €1.5 billion OpEx target by 2018 - Paul Ruggier, Global Head of LSS & OpEx, Assicurazioni Generali from Process Excellence Europe 2016

The Business Transformation Failure Playbook

There are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. Shouldn’t this playbook be focusing on success? However the study of failure can truly enable us to understand how to avoid it.Read the full playbook “The Business Transformation Failure Playbook” to find out what can jeopardise your business transformation and...

Process Excellence Challenges and Opportunities in Europe

This e-book compilation features snapshot insights from the PEX & Performance Management Europe advisory board including industry experts from eBay, Statoil, E.ON and Assicurazioni Generali. 

Process Excellence Europe Business Development Pack

Many companies are investing heavily in providers that can help them transform and improve their operations. If you think you've got what it takes to help these practitioners drive strategic value through Process Excellence, Business Transformation Automation and more, then download this prospectus to get to know more about the...

Taking the Next Step to Customer-Centric Continuous Improvement with Process Excellence Europe

Rui Mota, Director of the Centre of Expertise in Continuous Improvement at Sonae shares first-hand experience on how to get the most out of Process Excellence Europe by attending as a team. As the Sonae team prepare to return this October to Europe’s leading meeting place for process excellence practitioners,...

Why Business Architecture Now?

We interviewed Michael Noonan, Director of Business Architecture (BA) at Capita, about the ins and outs of BA; the benefits, the challenges and how it differs between European countries and the United States

Major Transformations in European Companies that are Reshaping the Business Landscape

We spoke to business leaders from 4 globally renowned businesses about how they tackled dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

Into the minds of the customer at ING

We spoke to Iassen Deenitchin, Head of Global Process Management, about how ING are tackling dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

How Robotics is Impacting ENGIE

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the workplace by speeding up processes, cutting costs and improving the customer experience.Martin Ruane (MBA), Programme Director at ENGIE, explains the scale at which RPA has impacted their business both internally and externally, and what the future looks like for them.

[ROADMAP] Change Management

Is Change Management your priority? Take a few minutes to navigate the sessions in this PEX Europe roadmap to understand how to gain maximum access to the ideas, strategies and advice from global companies and peers!

[ROADMAP] Continuous Improvement Culture

Is Culture your priority? Take a few minutes to navigate the sessions in this PEX Europe roadmap to understand how to gain maximum access to the ideas, strategies and advice from global companies and peers!

[ROADMAP] Digital Landscape & Robotic Process Automation

Is RPA & the Digital Landscape your priority? Take a few minutes to navigate the sessions in this PEX Europe roadmap to understand how to gain maximum access to the ideas, strategies and advice from global companies and peers!

Digital Transformation at the BBC

We spoke to Adrian Ruth, Director, Spark (Lean Transformation) and Sustainability about how the BBC tackled dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

Driving Customer Satisfaction at eBay

In this interview, Sascha Fuhren, Head of Business Excellence at eBay discusses how these changes are impacting the company’s approach to operational excellence, how it’s making improving customer satisfaction an operational reality, and where the company plans to go next.

More World-Class Content

A Business Management System to Drive Process Improvement: Interview with AIRBUS

Exclusive interview with Javier Alnagro-Garcia, Head of Business Management System to Drive Process Improvement

PEX Europe Delegate Profile Report

Would you like to discover the challenges that are keeping process professionals up at night – Our 2016 PEX Europe Delegate Profile Report explains it all.

Business Process Maturity in Polish Organisations

Overview of the 3rd edition of the Business Process Maturity in Polish Organisations survey

Why should Businesses Use Process Management

What are business processes? A process is a combination of coordinated activities or events that are carried out (alternately or simultaneously) for a specific purpose...

Women in Leadership: Achieving the Next Level of Excellence for OPEX Leaders

In this interview we look at what makes an effective leader, the evolution of female leadership and participation in the operational excellence and how we can continue to move the OPEX community forward on this topic. Erika Westbay, Director of Performance Improvement, The Nature Conservancy attended her first PEX Network...

The Transformative Leader - Complete eBook Series

How do you succesfully identify needed change? Create a vision and guide through inspiration? How do you execute change in tandem with a commited team? Get the answers in this insightful eBook series by Amir Ghannad get the keys to unlocking the your transformative leader within. Download the complete ebook...

The Path to Process Excellence is Leadership

Emerging technology trends such as data analytics and RPA, amidst increasing business demands to be faster and more efficient to compete in the ever-evolving marketplace requires a new host of skills from today’s leaders.But what does it take to lead in this new environment? Four experts explain the key leadership...