Business Excellence Focus Day

8:00 - NaN:NaN Registration & Networking

Workshop A

8:30 - 10:15 Spark: A tailored lean program transforming the BBC culture through innovation and efficiency

Adrian Ruth, Director, Lean Transformation & Sustainability, BBC Gemma Tomkinson, Manager Business Transformation, BBC
The BBC was given a tough saving target of 26%, which made it critical to increase efficiency. Spark – formerly known as the Efficiency Services Team – was initiated as one of the contributors to prepare the BBC for a digital future. A lean approach was implemented to boost the efficiency of a creative media environment:

  • Engage the younger generation amidst standout competition by offering new product features
  • Deliver value in a innovative environment: Adapt to change and give local teams the initiative to drive it forward
  • Running a pilot initiative – Lean for Leaders – to identify and tackle the gaps in employee knowledge of lean
  • Spark for Sponsors: Create a common language with business leaders and ensure they understand the change
  • Consultants and internal staff: The need to understand the BBC culture and experience running programs to drive change and maturity


Adrian Ruth

Director, Lean Transformation & Sustainability

Gemma Tomkinson

Manager Business Transformation

Workshop B

8:30 - 10:15 Drive a collaborative operational excellence programme with a case study from a rapidly-growing e-commerce giant

Matthias Schrepfer, Senior IT Process and Project Manager - Continuous Improvement, Zalando
In a world that is increasingly dictated by digital developments and consumer progression, it is obviously imperative to collaborate. Often operations and IT have the same strategic goal – product delivery, product quality, time-to-market, innovation or platform excellence for example – yet completely different worlds of process:

  • Drive your OpEx program through effective continuous improvement
  • Grow your team by focusing only on methodology and leading the project itself by allowing business teams to run smaller projects themselves
  • Manage tensions in the business in a fast-changing environment
  • Overcome complexities to streamline end-to-end processes
  • The benefits of breaking huge projects down into bite-size pieces


Matthias Schrepfer

Senior IT Process and Project Manager - Continuous Improvement
  • The benefit of a bottom-up approach to building capabilities to manage processes rather than a centralised initiative
  • Sustainability: Apply behavioural and process management without central support at every level in the organisation
  • Engage business leaders and prove your projects worth to win over business champions who will become major advocates of the project
  • How we moved process NPS from -11 to +77, dropped attrition rates by more than 50% and reduced cycle time on processes for the benefit of both internal and external customers


Richard Forster

Head of Operational Excellence
Yorkshire Building Society

Ruth Harvey

Lead Operational Excellence Consultant
Yorkshire Building Society

Nicola Ashton

Director of Business Improvement
Neon Partnerships

10:15 - 10:35 Networking Break

Workshop D

10:35 - 12:20 Drive people not process to institutionalise lean

Brent Wong, Corporate Director, Lean Enterprise, Belden Brent Wong, Corporate Director, Lean Enterprise, Belden
  • The Operations guy should be the Lean guy. It’s what we do.
  • Input – Transformation – Output: The high-level view
  • Creatures of habit: People as the unquantifiable denominator to process execution and showing your staff how change is good for them
  • Institutionalisation of lean: Drive a continuous improvement mind-set and get your people to be better regardless of individual drivers
  • Operational process improvement: Process mapping and driving collaboration


Brent Wong

Corporate Director, Lean Enterprise

Brent Wong

Corporate Director, Lean Enterprise

Workshop E

10:35 - 12:20 Driving Continuous Improvement at adidas for sustainable growth

Jithesh Ramachandran, Continuous Improvement SBC, adidas Group – Reebok Maritza Helfferich, Continuous Improvement SBC, adidas Group
  • Enable the organisation to reengineer core processes by identifying, exposing and addressing the wastes in these processes
  • Manage scalability and simplify complexities to ensure continuous quality in performance
  • Cross-function collaboration: Set platforms and facilitate workshops for improving role clarity and transparency, thus improving effectiveness of cross functional interactions
  • Ensure senior executives are proactively adopting continuous improvement methodologies themselves
  • Lead an autonomous continuous improvement culture that will provide long-term success


Jithesh Ramachandran

Continuous Improvement SBC
adidas Group – Reebok

Maritza Helfferich

Continuous Improvement SBC
adidas Group

Workshop F

10:35 - 12:20 Develop a culture of continuous improvement in a global company

Ian Bergman, Head of Global Process Improvement, Zehnder Group
  • Cultural differences across Europe, Turkey, North America and China
  • Getting things done: Support from Senior Management vs. Local Management
  • “Smile”: Our lean approach for continuous improvement: Moving away from Kaizen to allow more agility and quick response manufacturing
  • Lean vs. Automation: Automation as a hindrance to flexibility and change


Ian Bergman

Head of Global Process Improvement
Zehnder Group

12:20 - 13:05 Networking Lunch

Workshop G

13:05 - 14:50 Develop a culture of technology excellence and process improvement to reduce waste and ensure consistent product quality

Paul Rudd, Director Global Operational Excellence, Catalent
  • Technology culture as a tool to introduce new products, reduce waste and cut costs, before reinvesting your resources
  • Ensure your lean culture and way of working transcends from the shop floor to senior leaders
  • Change the leadership culture and ensure all business units, including supply chain and quality collaborate effectively
  • Measure your performance through standard quality metrics on the shop floor
  • Catalent’s 2020 Performance Strategy: Improve your customer experience, quality of products and increase your capacity to see what the customer needs are


Paul Rudd

Director Global Operational Excellence

Workshop H

13:05 - 14:50 The process digital transformation journey: A case study of Order to Cash from a multinational company

Massimiliano Delsante, Chief Executive Officer, myInvenio - a Cognitive company
  • Automated Process Discovery: Monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Identify the automation level and compliance
  • Analyse process performance and costs by identifying areas for improvement


Massimiliano Delsante

Chief Executive Officer
myInvenio - a Cognitive company

Workshop I

15:50 - 17:35 Optimise Lean Six Sigma while embracing new technologies for business improvement

  • Why you should be prepared to deploy Lean Six Sigma in the near future in varying regions
  • Challenge the status quo and overcome resistance to change in order to drive performance improvement
  • The need to align Lean Six Sigma with your continuous improvement program

14:50 - 17:15 Site Visit - Shell or Johnson & Johnson

Delegates have the choice to visit either the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam or the J&J, Janssen Biologics Leiden

Each site tour includes a presentation, carousel of hands-on technologies and Q&A led by site managers and policy deployment experts.