Robotic Process Automation Focus Day

8:00 - NaN:NaN Registration & Networking

8:30 - 10:15 Workshop A: Allied Irish Bank’s recent deployment of robotics to enhance the customer service

Lorraine Duffy, Head of Process Improvement, Allied Irish Banks
  • Use turnkey data models to predict where you are going and data analytics for proactive decision-making
  • Customer centric analysis of processes which are most suitable for robotic process automation and make the most of those services
  • Why a mature relationship between continuous improvement, customer service and automation is imperative for success
  • Optimising your capability for managing strategic change, Business As Usual operations and a complex technology footprint


Lorraine Duffy

Head of Process Improvement
Allied Irish Banks

10:15 - 10:35 Networking Break

10:35 - 12:20 Workshop B: How automation can make you a more customer-centric organisation

  • Leverage robotic process automation to improve the customer experience
  • Increase response time to customer complaints/concerns
  • Redesign the way you interact with customers by keeping key principles at the heart of the process
  • Human vs. Robot: Decide who is better equipped to deal with which queries
  • How can robotics simplify the customer experience?

12:20 - 13:05 Networking Lunch

13:05 - 14:50 Workshop C: Driving world class customer service with the combined power of process excellence and automation

Camilla Kwong, Head of Operational Excellence, Close Brothers
This workshop is a taster of fun-filled Robotics Simulation unlike anything you’ve participated in before, being very hands on and action packed. This workshop will also allow attendees to engage in a mini-Hackathon to get a simple robot working. Based on a real business problem, the key learning objectives of the simulation are to:
  • Understand the main types of robotics solutions, when to apply and when not
  • Comprehend the combined power of robotics with an end-to-end process excellence approach
  • Overcome implementation challenges


Camilla Kwong

Head of Operational Excellence
Close Brothers

14:50 - 17:15 Site Visit - Shell or Johnson & Johnson

Delegates have the choice to visit either the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam or the J&J, Janssen Biologics Leiden

Each site tour includes a presentation, carousel of hands-on technologies and Q&A led by site managers and policy deployment experts.