23rd – 25th October 2017 | Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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How Lean Six Sigma Is Helping Generali’s Achieve A €1.5bn OPEX Target

Lean Six Sigma has made a significant contribution in the making of achieving Generali’s €1.5 billion OpEx target by 2018 - Paul Ruggier, Global Head of LSS & OpEx, Assicurazioni Generali from Process Excellence Europe 2016

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Fast track your attendance! Download the registration form for more information on workshops, sessions, pricing and special discounts. Plus, if you're ready to register, just fill out the form and email it to enquire@iqpc.co.uk


Who is attending Process Excellence Europe 2017?

Have a look at who is attending the 2017 edition of Europe’s leading PEX forum focusing on the alignment of strategy with operational excellence 

The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure And How to Avoid It

Download your exclusive copy The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure And How to Avoid It to learn what will cause your organization’s business transformation to become a statistic, and what you can do about it before you even press ‘go’.

The New World of Operational Excellence

The New World of Operational Excellence : Understanding the key OPEX challenges in Europe to optimise overall business performance.

PEX Europe Delegate Profile Report

Would you like to discover the challenges that are keeping process professionals up at night – Our 2016 PEX Europe Delegate Profile Report explains it all.

Taking the Next Step to Customer-Centric Continuous Improvement with Process Excellence Europe

Rui Mota, Director of the Centre of Expertise in Continuous Improvement at Sonae shares first-hand experience on how to get the most out of Process Excellence Europe by attending as a team. As the Sonae team prepare to return this October to Europe’s leading meeting place for process excellence practitioners, the PEX Network caught up with Mota to find out more about his team’s key takeaways from last year and how to get the best experience onsite.

Process Excellence Europe Post Show Report 2016

The 2016 Post Show Report is here with everything you need to know about our 2016 event including:

  • Quick Stats from the Event
  • Key discussions and what was new for 2016
  • An overview of the Audience
  • And what to expect from Process Excellence Europe 2017!


Driving Customer Satisfaction at eBay

In this interview, Sascha Fuhren, Head of Business Excellence at eBay discusses how these changes are impacting the company’s approach to operational excellence, how it’s making improving customer satisfaction an operational reality, and where the company plans to go next.

A Business Management System to Drive Process Improvement: Interview with AIRBUS

Exclusive interview with Javier Alnagro-Garcia, Head of Business Management System to Drive Process Improvement

Why Business Architecture Now?

We interviewed Michael Noonan, Director of Business Architecture (BA) at Capita, about the ins and outs of BA; the benefits, the challenges and how it differs between European countries and the United States


Process Excellence Challenges and Opportunities in Europe

This e-book compilation features snapshot insights from the PEX & Performance Management Europe advisory board including industry experts from eBay, Statoil, E.ON and Assicurazioni Generali

Major Transformations in European Companies that are Reshaping the Business Landscape

We spoke to business leaders from 4 globally renowned businesses about how they tackled dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

The Business Transformation Failure Playbook

There are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. Shouldn’t this playbook be focusing on success? However the study of failure can truly enable us to understand how to avoid it.Read the full playbook “The Business Transformation Failure Playbook” to find out what can jeopardise your business transformation and what you can do differently to make it a success.

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Process Excellence Europe Business Development Pack

Many companies are investing heavily in providers that can help them transform and improve their operations. If you think you've got what it takes to help these practitioners drive strategic value through Process Excellence, Business Transformation Automation and more, then download this prospectus to get to know more about the Process Excellence Europe and your potential clients...


Beyond the Budget: Process Excellence Europe Investment & Trends Snapshot

The PEX Network interviewed over 60 key leaders and practitioners from the Process Excellence Europe summit to reveal their top 10 challenges for delivering efficient transformation.

Are you a leading solution provider in the business transformation and process excellence space? Are you looking to help organsiations innovate and transform?

This infographic will provide you with a snapshot of where potential clients are planning to invest in consultancy services, business intelligence, BPM suites, technology platforms and robotic process automation now.


Three Truths of Business Transformation

Business transformation is not a new phenomenon, for as long as there have been businesses, there have been examples of them reinventing themselves through either necessity or a natural shift in the direction of their industry. Download now to find out some truth about Business Transformation!

Business Process Maturity in Polish Organisations

Overview of the 3rd edition of the Business Process Maturity in Polish Organisations survey

Operational Excellence - Success is at your fingertips

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud. AuraPortal is an intelligent business software that uses a powerful Business Process Management (BPM) engine to automate, monitor, control and optimize all business activities.

Operational Excellence - Success is at your fingertips

Gain the Speed, Agility, Accuracy and Automation you need to lead your company to success in the Digital Era with intelligent BPM software from AuraPortal.

BPM Technology - AuraPortal

BPM stands for "Business Process Management". It is a corporate methodology aimed at optimizing business processes in an organisation.

Why should Businesses Use Process Management

What are business processes? A process is a combination of coordinated activities or events that are carried out (alternately or simultaneously) for a specific purpose...


The Color of Quality: How Crayola Uses Data to Deliver the Perfect Crayon

A case study developed by our partners Minitab about how Crayola have used Data to overcome their challenges - Download here to find out more!