22 - 24 October 2018 | Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Media Partners

2017 Media Partners include:

Business Review Europe
Website: http://www.businessrevieweurope.eu

Business Review Europe is an innovative digital publication offering business executives insight into the operations, transformations, financial strategies and other business practices of industry leaders throughout Europe. With a physical presence in many of the world's largest economies, Business Review Europe is abreast of news and developments... Read More

Business Transformation Network
Website: https://www.thebtn.tv/

The Business Transformation Network is a thought leadership network which has the aim of becoming the ‘World’s Home for Business Transformation’. The network allows experts in their field to showcase their knowledge through the dissemination of ideas through online video content, articles, events and webinars.As businesses go through... Read More

BPM Eastern Europe
Website: http://www.bpmeasterneurope.org/about-us/

BPM EE Forum intends to cover all aspects of BPM, including theory, models, techniques, architectures, systems, and empirical studies and want to engage the most renowned representatives of the Business process and Business solutions, both global and local actors (vendors, consultants, integrators, institutions, Public Administration, etc.) in... Read More

Enterprise Management 360°
Website: http://www.enterprisemanagement360.com

EM360°’s digital platform is dedicated to over 280,000 subscribers, with a quarterly magazine available on tablets and mobile devices via the App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World and Amazon Kindle. Keeping busy executives up to date with reports on the latest IT trends in the market, assisted by expert analysts and solution providers.... Read More

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Website: http://www.iafei.org/

The International Association of Financial Executives Institutes - IAFEI - is a private non-profit and non-political association. The Association is organized under the provisions of Articles 60-79 of the Swiss Civil Code and, accordingly, has its own legal personality. Founded in 1969, IAFEI now has 18 Member Institutes, with a total membership... Read More

Lean Six Sigma Community
Website: www.leansixsigma.community

Lean Six Sigma Community offers the opportunity for anyone who wants to write, tell and create content, to become part of the Lean Six Sigma University project. Put on your passion, your talent and your time to spread awareness and bring out as much as possible the need for continuous improvement, the correct leadership, the need to use tried and... Read More

Manufacturing Journal
Website: http://www.manufacturing-journal.net

Manufacturing-Journal is industry-focused International business magazine. Surveys demonstrate that is required reading for top managers across the whole spectrum of international manufacturing industry and in all major European countries. It’s this diversity in depth that makes “Manufacturing-Journal” the forum of choice for international... Read More

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Website: http://www.Procesowcy.pl

PROCESOWCY.PL is Poland's first internet service dedicated to the broad business process management. The origins of our business dates back to 2009.Initially, as a group of enthusiasts decided to aim for a sharing of knowledge concerning the management of processes between our readers - mainly through the publication of articles. We want to... Read More

Process Excellence Network
Website: http://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/landingPages/index.cfm

Become a member of Process Excellence Network and receive complimentary access to resources that will keep you at the forefront of industry change. You will receive access to our growing library of multi-media presentations from industry leaders, an email newsletter updating you on new content, and special member only discounts on events. Become a... Read More

Technology Evaluation Centers
Website: http://www.technologyevaluation.com

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the world’s leading provider of software selection resources, services, and research materials, helping organizations evaluate and select the best enterprise software for their needs. With its advanced decision-making process and software selection experts, TEC reduces the time, cost, and risk associated... Read More

The Lean Competency
Website: http://www.leancompetency.org

The Lean Competency System (LCS) is a lean qualifications framework licenced by Cardiff University, used by organisations to support lean training programmes or academies and by practitioners as a vehicle to develop their lean knowledge and practical skills. The primary application of the LCS is in the accreditation of an organisation’s lean or... Read More

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Supply Chain Digital
Website: http://www.supplychaindigital.com/

Supply Chain Digital is an innovative digital publication aimed at bringing business executives up-to-date with the latest news, information and trends from across the supply chain industry.Our digital platform includes an interactive website and magazine experience that will bring you inside the world of supply chains including comprehensive... Read More